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5030 E Warner Rd
Ahwatukee, AZ 85044
United States
A wine bar and store with light appetizers.
Wine Bar
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Finding Wines You Like

Isn't it nice to see someone drinking wine with a smile on their face because they're enjoying a wine they like? Or maybe it's just because they've had a horrible day and they just want alcohol....but let's go with the former.

My mission on earth is to drink good wine. It might be inexpensive. It may be expensive. But it just better be good. I've found that using the ratings from wine writers and publications are useless in helping me find wine that I like. The reasons are many (discussed below) but the main one is that the wine writers don't have the same taste in wine as I do...and of most other wine drinkers. (Actually, they probably do, but they're too caught up in their own wine snobbery to admit it.)

The best way to buy a wine is to taste it first. But when you can't, you need good advice. That's what we're trying to accomplish at WineTasting.org. We want to develop a community of wine lovers who rate the wines they taste. With our algorithm, we'll show you other wine lovers who like the same wines as you. Our belief is that if someone has the same taste in wine as you, they're a great source for recommending new wines for you to try. The more wines you rate, the better we can help you find new wines you'll like.

And it's easy to do with our new mobile app that scans the bar code off the wine label, you rate it and then save it in your free WineTasting.org account. You can access your saved wines anytime, anywhere. Join our site for free and get in on the ground floor of a new way to find good wines.

Why Wine Ratings are a Joke

There are so many reasons to ignore wine ratings.

1. In a recent study, wine judges who rate wines for California wine competitions, and who are considered to be some of the best, rated the same wine +/- four points. The study placed the same wine three different times in a flight without the judges knowing. Their scores were all over the map on the same wine averaging an eight point spread. So the same wine could get a score of 95 to 87.

People can't be consistent in wine evaluation, even the pros!

2. In another study, a researcher invited 54 wine experts to evaluate two wines, a white and a red. In actuality, they were the same wine. The white was colored red. The experts all described the red with all the usual red-wine adjectives and the white with the usual white-wine adjectives. Not one of the experts knew the red was a white.

3. I've placed cheap wine into empty bottles of expensive wine and poured it for some top wine experts and sommeliers and all of them described the wine as if it was the expensive wine they thought that they were drinking.