Swallow This, Second Edition, is like no other wine book...in its title, its tone and its message. The book provides practical information you won’t find in other wine books including:

• When to microwave wine
• When to freeze wine
• Why it’s silly to buy highly rated wine
• What wine improves your sex life
• Wine choices for doing laundry, walking the dog, etc.
• The advantages of storing wine in Tupperware, plastic bottles or Ziploc bags
• The most amazing way to open a bottle of sparking wine
• The hazards of keeping wine in your living room – or still worse, your kitchen
• How to blend wine at home to make it taste better
• What one ingredient makes all wine and food matches work
• The benefit of adding ice cubes to wine
• The four sentences to say to a wine store clerk to get good wine every time
• When to send back a wine at a restaurant, even if you just don’t like it
• What’s the best wine to serve and/or bring to a dinner party
• And so much more!

Witty, unique and never boring, Swallow This changed the way America views wine.

Mark produced and hosted a wine special that aired on PBS for six years and became the most-watched TV show on wine ever. The DVD of the show is available on Amazon  called "Ice Cubes in Wine." It's also available on Netflix under "Enjoying Wine with Mark Phillips." You can see some clips of the show by clicking on these links. 

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